About Daytona Beach Shores

What Daytona Beach Shores lacks in geographic size and age as a city, it more than makes up for in comfort and beauty as this resort and retirement community comprises all that is wonderful about oceanside living in Florida. Established in 1960, Daytona Beach Shores was founded on the premise of providing better services to a smaller community of residents. This care and concern for the community was illustrated again when residents voted in the late-90’s to limit the height of high-rise condominiums and preserve the privacy and serenity that accompany Daytona Beach Shores life. daytona beach shores life

Nearly 80% of Daytona Beach Shores residents live in the expanse of luxury condominiums that line a 9 square miles of Atlantic coastline. With a large array of options, finding a condominium in Daytona Beach Shores that fits your lifestyle is a breeze. Speaking of breeze, did I mention that the majority of property in Daytona Beach Shores is waterfront? Imagine the warm welcome of an oceanfront sunrise or the peaceful calm of dusk over the Halifax River. Call Kevin today and and discover the delight in calling Daytona Beach Shores your home. sunglow pier crabby joes