About Daytona Beach, Florida

“The World’s Most Famous Beach” is a nickname with worldwide reach as millions of people journey to the white, compact sands of Daytona Beach. With the limitless list of recreation, business, and real estate options, it is no coincidence that many of these visitors inevitably call Daytona Beach, home. As the heart of the Central Florida coastline, Daytona Beach is a city enveloped in history and tradition, beauty and viridity, and a diversity in culture and commerce that invites all to enjoy a new standard of living under the warmth of the Florida sun. daytona beach, florida

The Daytona Beach area was one of the first explored in the New World when Ponce de Leon landed north of Daytona Beach in 1513 and inevitably trekked the Atlantic coastline and further inland in search of the Fountain of Youth. Here he found the indigenous Timucuan Indians living off the fertile soil and an aquatic-based lifestyle. As is true of much of United States earliest settlements, the indigenous people of the area were nearly wiped out by disease, war, and slavery. Through the 17th and 18th century, different factions continued their attempt to settle the area that Daytona Beach now encompasses, which included the extremely influential King’s Road that connected St. Augustine with New Smyrna. It wasn’t until 1871, when Mathias Day, Jr. bought over 2000 acres along the Halifax River in today’s Historic District, that Daytona Beach began to take form as a city. Daytona was incorporated in July of 1876 and just over a decade later, saw Henry Flagler bring his extension of the Florida East Coast Railway through Daytona Beach. From here the city continued to prosper and grow through beach tourism and Daytona Beach’s role in the progression of the automobile and racing. daytona speedway

The sprawling facility that houses the 2.5 mile Daytona International Speedway is hard to miss, though the entrepreneurial roots that resulted in Daytona Beach’s ties to NASCAR though much smaller, are still visible today. Daytona Beach also draws large crowds for Spring Break as well as bringing in millions of summer vacationers over the years. There are even two world famous motorcycle events, Bike Week and Biketoberfest, housed in Daytona Beach each year. History was made in Daytona Beach as African Americans like Jackie Robinson and Mary McLeod Bethune staked their claims to a prosperous life in Daytona Beach and had their influence felt on a nationwide level. And all of these only scratch the surface of the endeavors that Daytona Beach has housed, which have continually had a positive impact on the state of Florida as well as the entire country.

When it comes to Daytona Beach real estate, there is still as much opportunity now as there has ever been in this ever-growing city. From affordable single family homes, to lush estate homes, and waterfront luxury living on both the Halifax River and Atlantic Coastline, Daytona Beach truly offers something for everyone. Whether you are in search of commercial or residential properties, an investment or a home, you can find what you are looking for in Daytona Beach while still enjoying all of the charm and prosperity that has drawn and kept so many visitors to the area before. Call Kevin today and begin your own Daytona Beach adventure, discovering all of the smallest amenities that create the grand allure of calling Daytona Beach home.