About New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Cygnus inter anates, which is Latin for "a swan among ducks", is a fitting motto to describe the beauty and splendor of New Smyrna Beach. Consistently voted one of the best beaches in the nation, New Smyrna Beach has continually drawn droves of people since its founding with its fertile land and ideal climate, the rich, encompassing aesthetics abound, and a laid-back charm that is unmatched. Drawing from a storied past, New Smyrna Beach combines small-town feel tied to the sea with a youthful, blossoming culture of art, music and entertainment. New Smyrna Beach is the sort of place where the distinction between home and vacation seem to disappear in the shimmering horizon of a New Smyrna sunrise.

As the second oldest city in Florida, New Smyrna Beach is enveloped in a marked history that permeates nearly every facet of local living. When the first settlers arrived to the New Smyrna Beach area in 1768, they found the subtropical climate inviting for the cultivation of sugar cane and indigo, and the inevitable production of rum. It’s no coincidence then, that over 150 years later, during prohibition, New Smyrna Beach and its river islands became a hotspot for moonshine distilleries and a hideout for rum-runners making their way from the Bahamas through Ponce de Leon Inlet. Today, you can visit any number of beach bars for a leisurely libation, but need look no further than the Old Fort Park, Turtle Mound, Sugar Mill Ruins, or any of the 800 historic buildings to find a city steeped in history and tradition.

Over the years, many actors, musicians, athletes and artists have called New Smyrna Beach home, and with good reason. With a wide array of real estate options available, New Smyrna Beach is a perfect locale for families to establish a home, for vacation property, or simply as a strong long-term investment. Luxurious condominiums line the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River offering breathtaking views and nearly limitless amenities. There are other great estate communities such as Venetian Bay which provide security, serenity and a standard of living that you could enjoy.

Though New Smyrna Beach is located only 15 miles south of Daytona Beach, it is truly a city with its own identity. From the trendy boutiques, moving art galleries, and fresh and unique dining options that line Flagler Avenue and Canal Street, there is truly something for everyone. The 13 miles of white-sanded beaches offer renowned fishing and surfing, as well as, an unbound tranquility and allure that you could easily grow accustomed.

New Smyrna Beach is a city that embraces its history and culture and is ready to welcome you home. Call Kevin Kling today and explore the many great real estate options available in New Smyrna Beach.