September 2007

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A Florida judge ruled that the property tax amendment could dupe voters into voting incorrectly in January. He apparatly does not like the wording and wants the amendment removed from the ballot.

Lawmakers can appeal this judgement and try to get it back on the January ballot. Another choice includes rewriting the amendment. Whichever route is taken, a final decision and acceptance must be made within 90 days of the vote in order for the amendment to make the ballot.


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Do you currently have wind coverage for your Daytoan Beach home? Some homeowners have decided not to carry this high premium insurance in order to save. This is considered a very risky decision, but many homeowners cannot afford the coverage and have no choice.

All Daytona Beach, Florida, residents should have a choice. Affordable insurance needs to be available for all homes. The rise in insurance premiums is unfortunate and out of control. Some Daytona Beach property owners recently noticed a doubling of their premiums!

Have your insurance premiums increased?

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I just got a call about an accident on Taylor Rd that involved a Port Orange School Bus with young children and another car. I'm being told by a witness that the car ran a red light and slammed into the side of the Port Orange public school bus. The witness saw the children filing off the school bus after the accidnet. Accident injuries are unknown and Port Orange ambulances are on the seen. I will post more information when available.

View Town Park homes for sale in Port Orange, Florida.

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Making your Port Orange home energy efficient can save you money and also save the local environment. I have listed 8 simple steps that you can take to make your Port Orange home more energy efficient.

  1. Check your toilets for leaks
  2. Fix any leaking faucets in the house
  3. Reduce your shower time and bathing frequencies
  4. Reduce the amounts of time you use permanent press on your washing machine
  5. Use cold water to wash your clothes
  6. Make sure your weatherstrips around your doors are operating correctly and do not have any cracks
  7. Don't overuse the heat or a/c depending on the season
  8. Protect your water heater with insulation to reduce heat loss

As you can see, small steps can be taken to

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I have put together a "Best Of" list of Port Orange neighborhoods and homes. This is only my opinion and based on my experiences with Port Orange real estate. Please send me your opinions about Port Orange neighborhoods. Contact.

  1. Best Port Orange Family Neighborhood – Waters Edge & Covendale in Port Orange. This is a newer neighborhood in Port Orange that is loaded with children. It is close to great schools, shopping, and home to many families with children. Your children will have an easy time making friends in this neighborhood.
  2. Best Port Orange Golf Community – Cypress Head Port Orange. This is by far one of the best maintained golf courses in the Port Orange area year round. The community is very friendly and host golfing and social
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Home foreclosures have increased in the Daytona Beach and Port Orange area over the past year. There is an increase in Port Orange home foreclosures and I have also noticed an increase in Daytona Beach condo foreclosures. Calls from buyers that want to test the foreclosure market are definitely increasing and It is important for buyers to understand the foreclosure process. Knowledge is the key to winning in the foreclosure market! Properties are sold as is and a foreclosed home can end up being a real nightmare.

Things you should know when buying a foreclosed home:

  • Not all foreclosed homes are a good deal
  • Check for liens, unpaid property taxes
  • Success rate is very low
  • Mortgage being foreclosed the first mortgage?
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I showed properties that are for sale in Coquina Cove a few times last week. They have some great opportunities available for homebuyers. New concrete block townhomes are for sale for only $158,900. It is a great opportunity for new home purchasers. It's nice to know that there are options available besides Villagio On The Lakes and Whispering Woods in Port Orange. Click the link to view a few pictures of the Coquina Cove townhomes that are available. Coquina Cove Homes

Contact Kevin Kling for more Coquina Cove home information.

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Well, short sales are becoming a part of everyday real estate vocabulary. I want sellers to know that it is important to address home sale options in advance and not wait until it's too late. There are steps that you can take to avoid foreclosure. One of the possibilities includes a short sale. It's actually a fairly simple process and it can really save your credit!

Reasons banks consider short sales and prefer instead of foreclosures:

  1. New homes selling quicker than resale homes
  2. High cost of foreclosure
  3. Too many homes in current inventory
  4. Depreciated value in neighborhood
  5. Property is in poor condition

A short sale may be considered when relocating for a job, a divorce,

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