October 2007

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A very important step in the home buying process is obtaining homeowners insurance. All the recent news coverage and media attention does make it seem like finding homeowners insurance in Florida is impossible. Getting property insurance is  POSSIBLE for the majority of Port Orange real estate and there are multiple insurance companies to choose from.

Here are a few companies you can call for a Port Orange home insurance quote:

  • Caton Hosey Aaron Phillips 386-767-3161
  • CCI Insurance 386-756-8551
  • Ormond Insurance Agency 386-673-2115
  • State Farm Blake Thomas Office 386-760-2020
  • Allstate Bert Daniel 386-788-4400
  • Nationwide Welch Insurance 386-253-4744

This is a short list of Port Orange property

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covendale home for sale port orange florida

New listing available in Covendale. The property is located at 6724 Merryvale Ln in Port Orange, Florida. This Covendale home features 4 bedrooms, a screened in pool, 3 car garage, wood cabinets, a formal dining room, family room, crown molding, and more. Click Covendale Homes for more information.

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If you kitchen looks like this picture, your Port Orange home will not sell for top dollar. Kitchens are very important to buyers in all price ranges. The title was intended to grab your intention, but I really want to point out things you can do to make your Port Orange home sell faster and for more money. The truth is that most homeowners spend the majority of their time in the kitchen eating and entertaining. Therefore, a buyer prefers a sparkling clean kitchen. There are a few things that you can do to make your kitchen stand out from the competition:

  • Make sure the sink is completely clean and empty before each showing
  • Clean all kitchen faucets, kitchen appliances, and dust the cabinets
  • Clean off all counters and remove
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port orange real estate home lawns It's that time of year again! Fall is the best time to fertilize your Port Orange lawn. The St. Augustine grass can take a real beating during the winter months. Fertilizing the grass this month will help your lawn build strong, deep roots for the winter and can also help grow a greener and thicker lawn in the spring. A Port Orange lawn with deep roots will be much healthier next summer. The local Port Orange Lowes or Home Depot carries many kinds of fertilizers. I've had great success in the past with Scotts Turf Builder and lawn fertilizers.


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Port Orange real estate market snaphot for the month of September 2007.

2007 Port Orange Single Family Home Snapshot

Port Orange Single Family Home Sales = 35

Average Port Orange Single Family Home Sale Price = $261,838

2006 Port Orange Single Family Home Snapshot

Port Orange Single Family Home Sales = 34

Average Port Orange Single Family Home Sale Price = $287,088

Based on the data available on the Daytona Beach MLS, there has been about a 9% decrease in Port Orange home sale prices compared to September 2006. Many different variables determine the sale price of a Port Orange home. For a detailed market analysis of your Port Orange property, contact Kevin Kling.

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Our leaders in the Florida House and Senate continue to look for the perfect "band-aid fix" for our property taxes. The Florida Property Tax problem is more like a "deadly cut" and not a minor bruise. It will take much more than a band-aid to fix the current inequities in the Florida Property Tax system. Homeowners in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and throughout Central Florida are affected.

 The most recent proposal includes:

  • Doubling of homestead exemptions - The lawmakes want to add another $25,000 homestead exemption. Does not apply to school taxes. BIG DEAL!! This doesn't fix the problem!
  • Low-Income Senior Exemption - Are you 65 or older? You may not have to pay taxes if this new plan is voted in. Is this Fair?
  • First
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I found a Port Orange sex offender map and have included it in this post. The information may change down the road, but should be accurate as of October 15, 2007. The sex offender map is easiet to view when downloaded and viewed with an Adobe program.

Right click the link and use "Save Target As" to save the Port Orange Sex Offender Map on your computer.Port Orange Sex Offender Map.

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The level of risk in the home finance market has led to massive restructuring of loan product guidelines as well as a reduction in products available.

Risk based pricing is clearly the direction that the remaining lenders have moved to. Simply stated, most loans require pay stubs, w-2's and tax returns. Its back to the old way of doing things as "you have to prove you can afford the home you are trying to buy. The riskier your loan, the more you will be paying, if you can even get the loan. When a lender as big as Bank Of America eliminates Alt A programs, it is big news to the industry. An Alt A is a stated income loan, a no ratio loan, or a no doc loan. I am very pleased to say that Countrywide has chosen to continue to provide these types of home

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The "Glenn Ritchey For Mayor" signs blanketing Daytona Beach helped Glenn Ritchey receive two thirds of the vote during Tuesday's election. It wasn't just the signs, but his local reputation and popularity that helped him win the vote.

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About two weeks ago I noticed a dramatic change in the quality of my television picture. My television screen in my Port Orange home began to freeze, pause, and pixelate often. This seemed like a reception problem and I did not feel that it was any of the cable wiring in my home.

brighthouse cable in port orange floridaSo, I placed a call to the Port Orange Brighthouse Cable Office and set an appointment to get the problem fixed. I was greeted the next day by a very nice man from Brighthouse that spent about 30 minutes in my home trying to disect the problem. During his visit he made a few minor changes and just left. HE DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM, but told me that everything was okay and would work fine.

Day Two - I called Brighthouse Cable in Port Orange to arrange for another repair man

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