October 2007

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Are you having trouble selling your Port Orange home in this Florida real estate market? We all have seen homes that stay on the market for over a year. Are you heading down that path? Many factors and variables determine whether your home sells quickly or sits on the market for many months. Some important things to consider when selling your Port Orange home are:

  • Marketing
  • Price
  • Home Condition
  • Agent Experience
  • Performance
  • Location

This is only a short list. There are many subcategories that are very important in every Port Orange home sale. If you are interested in more information about selling a Port Orange home, Contact Kevin at 386-527-8577. It won't take much time and there is no obligation.

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In my opinion, the main focus of every association is to protect the investment of each individual Port Orange homeowner. Now, there are a few association members in the area that take their roles in the association a little too far, but the majority are handled very professionally. The first thing a buyer should do is contact the neighborhood president or manager. He or she should be available by phone. Don't hesitate to call him/her and ask any specific questions about the neighborhood and the governing rules.

Some Popular Port Orange homeowners restrictions include:

  1. Pet Restrictions - The association may limit the size, type, and number of pets per household in the community.
  2. They may not allow clotheslines.
  3. Restrictions
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New families moving to the Port Orange area complete extensive research on the public schools in the area. Most families that relocate to the area already know which Port Orange school zone they would like to be in. Listed below are the most requested school zones in Port Orange.

  • Most requested Port Orange high school is Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida. The recent press and rankings in national publications have helped this Port Orange high school reach households nationally. Neighborhoods that are in the Spruce Creek High School zone include, Waters Edge, Rolling Hills, Cypress Head, Ashton Lakes, and more.
  • Spruce Creek Elementary and Sweetwater Elementary are requested equally in my experience. Both schools have very
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