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2013 New Year Daytona Beach, Florida

beach_walkWith the holidays behind and a new year ahead, many of us are cleaning, recuperating, and heading back to work and school. But also in the back of our minds are those desires and ambitions to change or improve ourselves and our quality of living as we go forward. Resolutions are a great concept, however, many people struggle to maintain their new goals consistently throughout the year due to time restraints caused by family and business responsibilities. Whether your resolution is to save money, improve health, spend more time with the ones you love, or anything in between, the key is to define your goals well and keep them manageable. Here a few tips to assit with possible resolutions in the New Year:


  • Set a specific dollar amount that you want to save, and plan, weekly or monthly, how to accomplish this goal. Using a spreadsheet is helpful so you can have these goals in front of you and easily trackable. 
  • Remember easy energy saving tips.
  • Carpool when possible to save on gas and car maintenance expenses.


  • There are many local gyms that offer a variety of equipment, classes, and training options for people of any age. Many of these gyms are also offer specials for new members looking to reach their fitness goals
  • To avoid any financial strain (or excuse) associated with gym costs, there are many great outdoor fitness options that are free. Get out and enjoy our beautiful warm weather even in the winter months.
  • Eat out less. Not only will this save you money but also can be much healthier than chain restaurants, especially fast food. Pack lunches for work and make family meals when you have time.


  • Set specific times or days that are solely dedicated to spending time with family or loved ones. Family dinner is a good time for this as long as everyone is not on their iphone or devouring their plate to run out the door. Make a plan to go somewhere or plan an activity such as a game night and make sure everyone is available.
  • Take individual time. Along the lines of the above, it is also important to spend quality time individually with loved ones.
  • Work on communication. When everyone has so many different things going on in their lives, it is sometimes difficult to communicate your needs and desires even with those closest to you. 

Have a wonderful and prosperous 2013. 

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