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5 Tips For Buying A Florida Condo

There are many things to consider when purchasing a condo in the Sunshine State, and often some of these considerations can go overlooked. The Florida condo lifestyle offers many advantages, and with the excitement of the beautiful beaches and perpetually perfect weather, it is important to not lose sight of these decisions and end up feeling some regret after your purchase. We find it best to make lists of your needs and desires when beginning the buying process and these are some of the most important considerations we discuss with our clients when they are ready to purchase a Central Florida condo.

Location Location Location!
You’ve heard this before but it cannot be understated: location is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a Daytona Beach area condo. Location is repeated three times here to represent different aspects of location including, physical location of the condo, the condos location relative to entertainment, and for those in search of oceanfront condos, whether the condo is located along a beach with or without vehicle traffic.the beach at ponce inlet
The city or area of town you choose to purchase a condo can greatly determine the lifestyle afforded there. Condos in Ponce Inlet and Daytona Beach Shores are generally quieter and have more restrictive rental policies than some found in the more touristy areas of Daytona Beach. Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach oceanfront condos are also a bit off the beaten path and can make for longer commutes for your daily conveniences.
Daily conveniences aside, those choosing a condo home, especially retirees, often want to live in an area where they can enjoy hobbies, leisure activities and other forms of entertainment. There are many excellent restaurants, a comedy club and other venues for entertainment around the Daytona Beach area if you enjoy dining out and nightlife. Ponce Inlet is where you’ll find many water sport opportunities such as boating, fishing, paddle boarding and more. Because of the wide range of condos in the Daytona Beach area, you are sure to find the perfect condo home nearby your desired daily entertainment.
The last location to consider, especially for oceanfront condo buyers, is a consideration that is unique to our area. The World’s Most Famous Beach gained notoriety from the early days of beach racing which transitioned to the admittance of beach driving on our compact, white sands. There are large stretches of beach through Daytona Beach Shores where locals and visitors are able to drive and park along the beach. North or South of this, in Ormond Beach and Ponce Inlet or New Smyrna Beach you will find traffic-free beaches. The preference for drive or no-drive has many considerations itself, so feel free to call us anytime to discuss these location decisions when buying a Daytona Beach area condo.

Pet Policy
dogs at condosThere are many pet-friendly condos in the Daytona Beach area ready to welcome you and your furry friends. Considering a condo’s pet policy seems like a no-brainer for pet owners as most pet owners are aware of various breed, weight and number of pet restrictions found in a typical condo. But non-pet-owners should also learn their desired condos pet policy prior to purchasing to ensure there isn’t a surprise after moving in. In buildings that have more lenient pet restrictions there may be noise, allergy or general congestion issues that you may not have considered when looking to buy a Daytona Beach condo. We know each condo building’s pet policy and can assist you in finding a condo building that will fit you and your furry family's needs.

Balconies and Views
Depending on the location of your Daytona Beach condo, you may have breathtaking beach views, majestic river views or just a view of the condo building next door. Of course, condos on lower floors and with less appealing views are often more affordable but if you are moving to the beach for the daily beauty then scoping out your prospective views is very important. The size, shape and location of your balcony also plays a large role in the views available and also how you are able to enjoy the area outside of your Daytona Beach condo. Some area condos offer built-in barbeques and have sprawling areas perfect for lounging and entertaining while other condos have smaller balconies and may not allow a barbecue at all. Kevin Kling can assist you in finding the perfect view or the perfect value you are looking for when buying a condo in the Daytona Beach area.

Building Amenities
From resort-like pools and fitness facilities to more modest community amenities, there are many different options for condo buyers in the Daytona Beach area. Some condo buildings offer community libraries where residents can borrow and exchange their favorite novels, while many condo buildings have owner’s clubhouses for entertaining or social events. Boaters may prefer riverfront condos that have their own dock or boat storage for instant access to the intracoastal. And building amenities do not only include leisure related perks, but can also include extra storage, extra parking, laundry access and more. There are so many variables as far as building amenities go when choosing a Daytona Beach condo and we are here to answer your questions and enlighten you on some of these considerations that you may not have thought of pool at ocean vistas

Condo Dues (and what they include)
Condo dues are an added expense not always considering when purchasing an oceanfront, riverfront, or inland condo home. These fees vary greatly, from a few hundred dollars monthly to more than one thousand per month, which can quickly stress your monthly budget. These condo dues also cover different items at different buildings. Some Daytona Beach area condos offer cable, water or electricity in their dues while other buildings use their dues for general maintenance around the building. We are familiar with, or have access to, each Daytona Beach area condo’s monthly dues and what is included with this cost. Before you choose your condo home, make sure you aren’t in for a surprise with additional monthly fees on top of household bills.

These are some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a condo, but the best decision you can make is to choose an experienced Realtor who can guide through the process and answer any questions you may have, and even some you hadn’t thought of. Call Kevin Kling today at (386)527-8577 for all of your Daytona Beach condo needs. daytona condo amenities

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