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On the heels of a huge sell off of financial stocks on Monday, the Fed made a surprise announcement to increase the length of time banks can use funds through the "Fed Window". Keeping things simple, banks have longer to "pay back" the Fed on borrowed funds. This should help banks increase the amount of money available for loans with less risk to their shareholders. The Dow Jones Average was up over 400 points on Tuesday as a result.

People have been afraid to make big ticket purchases in times of uncertainty. Consumer confidence will need to be restored in order to begin to get America spending again. There is a Fed Meeting March 18, and there are signs that point to yet another rate decrease. If you are rate watching, next Tuesday and Wednesday are

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Short sales in Port Orange are popping up daily. I have noticed a few opportunities that may be attractive to the right buyer.

Villaggio On The Lakes has a few short sale options available. One that sticks out is the 3 bedroom 2 bathroom option. It's one of the largest units in that development and a buyer may be able to "snatch it up" at a great price if the bank agrees.

A few short sale opportunities have recently become avialable in Venetian Bay just outside Port Orange. Three properties come to mind. All three options are asking close to the 200k range. The bank may or may not accept an offer in that range, but it's definitely worth a try if you are a serious buy in that neighborhood.

Feel free to contact Kevin Kling if you would like help

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Just listed by Kevin Kling a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condo at the Horizons in Daytona Beach, Florida. What a great location! This ocean front property is conveniently located in the heart of Daytona. This unit, #604,  has a remodeled kitchen and is ready for new owners! You can enjoy views of the atlantic ocean from almost every room! There is plenty of room to watch the sunrise and read the paper on the large balcony overlooking the ocean waves. 

Horizons Condo Unit Features:

  • Newly Remodeled Kitchen with wood cabinets, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and tiled floors.
  • Large bedrooms
  • Expansive views of the atlantic ocean and pool area.
  • Mirrored walls
  • And much more.

The Horizons condo in

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waters edge homes port orange floridaThe Port Orange real estate market is loaded with attractive homes for sale. What is going to help your home sell in this sluggish market? Correct and agressive pricing!  The aroma of freshly baked cookies will not have same impact on selling your home as pricing. Pricing your home correctly and utilizing effective marketing can lead to a quick and profitable sale in this real estate market.

As a seller you want your home to appear as a bargain in this real estate market. Below are a few tricks you can use to help your home appear to be cheaper:

  • Market the sale of your home with a very specific asking price. Instead of asking $200,000, try $199,432. Researchers say that precise numbers suggest a deal.
  • Always average down. Never use a
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Lending guidelines at Bank Of America may get even more strict next month. I was just informed that Bank Of America will require 40% down for a condo purchase in Daytona Beach. This may not be 100% accurate and I'm trying to verify this information right now.

This will not help the Daytona Beach condo market! There are very few buyers that have 40% to put down on a condo purchase. I'm hoping that this new policy does not apply to all condo purchases and only applies to buyers with damaged credit. I will update this post when I have more information.

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The Oceans Six unit that I blogged out briefly a few weeks ago is about to close. It's been on the market for only one month. Your property can sell fast too! There are buyers in this market! Call Kevin Kling to help you sell your Daytona Beach condo in this tough real estate market.

This Oceans Six unit featured 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, tasteful tile throughout, panaramic views of the ocean, and the river. Also included with this sale are most furnishings and furniture.

Call or email Kevin Kling for more information. 386-527-8577

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A few months ago I decided to "take up" the sport of Golf. Little did I know how physically and mentally challenging the game would be. After a few rounds of golf with my friends I decided to get lessons. So, I called Mike Kelly over at Spruce Creek Country Club in Port Orange, Florida. He has worked with me over the past few months and really helped me improve my golf swing mechanics and score! Mike's patience and knowledge of the golf swing and game are incredibly valuable and it has helped me progress into a golfer that can play a competitive round of golf.

If you are currenlty having some difficulties with your golf game or would like to start playing golf, i encourage you to call Mike Kelly at Spruce Creek Fly In Country Club. I'm not sure if he

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Looking for a Sweetheart Of A Deal? You probably have several to choose from in Todays market. Rates continue be low, and Port Orange homes continue to sell for less than in previous housing market boom years. Many of my clients have contacted me in the last few weeks for a home finance check up. Tax season is a great time to get up to speed on finance options currently available, as well as discuss the numerous changes that have occurred in the last 6 months. Many have found that the programs they wanted to use are no longer available, and that there are few programs available that do not require full documentation. It is safe to say that these meetings have helped my clients walk into their negotiations with the proper expectations for rate, payment,

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It's a great time to buy a home in Venetian Bay. Whether you are ready to upgrade to a larger home or downsize to a smaller home, deals are available. There are a few homes in the neighborhood that are priced below 300k. Kevin can provide you a detailed list of those options. Homes built by Paytas Homes and Engle Homes are available for less than 300k.

Don't forget about the brand new golf course and country club at Venetian Bay. It's complete, open, and ready for play.

For more information about homes that are for sale in Venetian Bay, contact Kevin Kling 386-527-8577.

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South Williamson Road in Port Orange is under construction and major changes are on the way. The road  widening before Moody Bridge is causing delays and traffic issues. Be careful and use extra patience when driving on Williamson since the lanes have changed and there are construction vehicles entering the road often.

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