Buying A Primary Residence Still A Good Investment

Posted by Kevin Kling on Thursday, July 24th, 2014 at 10:28am.

We could tell you all day that the best investment an individual can make is to purchase a home (especially in Daytona Beach or Port Orange), but our opinion could be construed as slightly bias. Now, if a billionaire money manager suggests that home-buying is the best investment, then maybe his expert opinion deserves a little more credence. Just this week, John Paulson, a Wall Street hedge fund manager who has made billions of dollars, said, “I still think, from an individual perspective, the best deal investment you can make is to buy a primary residence that you're the owner-occupier of.” He cites the current low interest rates for a 30-year mortgage and the higher cost of renting rather than buying as determinants in his opinion. With home prices still low, this is a great time to lock in an fixed-price investment in the Daytona Beach area. Call Kevin Kling today at (386)527-8577 to explore affordable homes and condos in our area.

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