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Florida Real Estate Weekly Newsletter | What's Happening [June 20, 2024]

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kingston tower 401 beach

“Walking on Sunshine" is a catchy 80’s tune, but I really can’t imagine it feels good. Of course, you don’t have to be living under a rock, or rather, a heat dome, to know that Summer sweltering is in full swing. While today may be the official first day of Summer, many of our friends in the midwest and northeast have already been enduring the hot Florida-like weather for weeks, but without the refreshing breeze or beach. Luckily for me, being a Youtube star has kept me cool, because I have so many fans…But jokes aside, our Central Florida coast is the perfect destination when the temperatures rise due to the coastal winds and opportunities to enjoy the water, whether it be ocean, river or swimming pools. So if you are ready to beat the heat, please reach out, and I would be happy to help!

Lucky Duck to Live in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna With Kevin Kling April 18,2024

If it looks like a duck, floats like a duck, but doesn’t quack like a duck, then it’s probably a rubber duck! Yes, it’s time to get your ducks in a row because rubber duck season is coming to Daytona Beach. Now, don’t confuse this with the rubber ducks you need when swimming in the bathtub water that is Florida’s gulf coast. No, the droves of ducks descending on Daytona Beach over the next week will be neatly lined on the dashboard of thousands of general purpose vehicles for Jeep Beach 2024. Of course, rubber ducks have a long history outside of the Jeep world; from humble beginnings as a chew toy, to rubber duck races, to Queen Elizabeth’s bathroom, to Ernie’s second best friend after Bert, to a Guinness World record collection totaling nearly 6,000 rubber toys - it’s obvious that there’s more than one way to milk a duck. But if you are a lucky duck like me as a Jeep owner, and if you’re ready for an epic game of “Duck, Duck, Jeep”, then you will want to wander down to the World’s Most Famous Beach this weekend. Otherwise, it might be time to duck and cover as our beaches will be quite busy. Have a bright, yellow, and buoyant weekend, and remember helping customers with their real estate goals is like a duck to water for me!

Trucks Don't Surf Daytona Beach, Florida Real Estate With Kevin Kling February 8, 2024

 surfing=Having lived in the Daytona Beach area for 40 years, and having worked in real estate for more than half of those, I have seen and heard it all about what us “crazy” Floridians are up to. From the “Florida Man” headlines regarding wild MTV spring breaks in the 80’s and 90’s, to the annual pick-up truck rallies and motorcycles filling the beachside, to a recent New Smyrna rooster wrecking, to just this week, when a man drove through the beach waves, and later told police, "It's not my fault the truck don't surf," - the Daytona Beach area seems to find itself “World Famous” for the wrong reasons at times. But what do these attention-grabbing national headlines have in common? That’s right, it’s not actually Floridians disturbing the peace, but rather visitors from across the nation; the NSB rooster killer was from St. Louis, the truck surfer is from New York, and our other famous annual events are filled with tourists from every state between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. So while I love to help anyone and everyone in finding beautiful Florida real estate, as the old adage goes, those pointing their finger at Florida from their northern or west coast state should realize they have three fingers pointing back at their own state. But seriously, we do have some crazy people down here, too. Please contact me if you need any assistance with a home or condo sale, and Welcome to Florida!

A Look at Life & Real Estate with Kevin Kling January 25, 2024

palma bella 505 luxury kitchen

As I was driving my kids to school this morning I saw a sign that said, “Watch for Children,” and while I am surely going to miss those boys, this new Rolex looks fantastic on my wrist!

I’m just kidding - nobody would trade me that nice of a watch for my two boys! Now of course, this was just a corny segue to talk about the Rolex 24 at Daytona this weekend, which will see 59 race teams drive a 3.56 mile track for twenty-four straight hours. Admittedly, I’m not extremely knowledgeable of Grand Touring or Le Mans Prototypes, but I’d certainly like to get better acquainted with Rolex watches, especially our hometown’s namesake timepiece that is given to the winner of this annual race. So if Brad Pitt can pretend to be a race car driver, and I assume also own a Rolex watch, by golly, so can I! (Any race teams need a fill-in driver?) But I promise that between acting and race car driving, I will always have time to help you with your local real estate needs. Have a beautiful weekend, and why is the second hand on this “Rolex” ticking?

Florida Real Estate Update Newsletter January 19, 2024

ormond beach home kitchen

One of my catchphrases that I end many of my YouTube videos with is, “I’m not a movie star…I’m a Realtor!”

, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I wouldn’t be open to Hollywood fame. You see, there is a somewhat recognizable actor who will be filming in Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach over the next few weeks, and I just want to let the producers, and other powers that be, know that I am available to replace said actor should the need arise. Of course, I am much taller and much younger than this actor, which could actually be seen as an upgrade, but I’d do it for half the price, no questions asked. Now, this actor is said to be filming scenes for an upcoming movie at the Daytona International Speedway, at a local surf shop in Daytona Beach Shores, and at a frozen-in-time, drive-in diner in New Smyrna Beach. Of course, you may now be wondering who this actor is, and trying to picture if I can fill his shoes on the silver screen. His name is Brad Pitt, and I’ll be honest, when I look at a photo of him, I have to remind myself that I’m not looking in a mirror. Joking aside, it is very cool to have our Central Florida coast play such a prominent role in an upcoming blockbuster film! Have a great weekend, contact me if you need me, and if you’re out and about over the next few weeks, you may just catch a glimpse of my doppelgänger.

Florida Real Estate Update Newsletter January 11, 2024

kingston tower swimming pool

Over the holidays I traveled a bit and spent extra time with family and friends, and while it was a fantastic break, I feel like my conversations were haunted by mentions of a wholesale retailer. When I inquired about a nice pair of boots a friend was wearing in the snow, I was told they got them at Costco. And when my cousin pulled out a seemingly 500-pack of AA batteries at Christmas, he found those at Costco. Someone brought a fantastic hors d'oeuvre to New Year’s Eve, and while it was not homemade, it was, in fact, from Costco.

So as Daytona Beach is set to welcome the first Costco in Volusia County, this recent correspondence regarding all that a big-box store has to offer, reminds me of how I often describe our World Famous coast. So if you’re in search of oceanfront, riverfront, golf, pickleball, tennis, sunny winters, acreage, swimming pools, boating, award-winning schools, public parks, racing, baseball, pet-friendly, affordable homes and condos, a convenient location, AND A COSTCO, then the Daytona Beach area is perfect for you. Let me know how I can help with your real estate goals in 2024, and I'll see you at the Costco grand opening on February 22nd.

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