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Posted by Kevin Kling on Friday, September 25th, 2020 at 9:35am.

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Everyone knows that purchasing a home can be one of the most enjoyable and exciting times of your life, but before the keys to your new Daytona Beach area home or condo are in hand, there is a process that can include some hurdles and stress. Pre-approvals, showings, more showings, and negotiations lead you to a signed contract to purchase, but now it’s time to take a closer look at that new dream home.

Home inspections are a vital part of the home buying process. It is always recommended to have a professional, licensed inspector perform a full review of your potential new property. Inspectors verify basic items like the age and condition of the roof, HVAC, hot water heater, appliances and more. They also look at visible plumbing, electrical, and structural condition inside and around the exterior of the home. These are just a few items on the inspector's 1,600+ item laundry list, but here are few things that you may request your inspector take an extra close look at during the inspection.


The inspector isn’t checking the roof?! Well, they are in most cases, but only if it’s “safe”. If the roof has visible signs of damage that could be dangerous, is slick from rain or even if it is too steep or difficult to reach, the inspector may not be able to fully access the condition or approximate age. A professional roofer is often brought in to inspect properties that have a questionable quality of roof. Drones may also be used on roofs with more difficult access for inspections. 

Fireplace & Chimney

I know, it’s Florida, but surprisingly there are many homes in our area with fireplaces, and while most inspectors will shine a flashlight up the chimney, it is often best to hire a professional fireplace inspector to ensure the chimney is clear of soot and any other potential fire-starters.

Well & Septic System

Some traditional inspectors may be certified to inspect septic tanks for an additional cost but in most cases, especially if the home has been vacant or rarely used for some time, a buyer will want to hire a well inspector to test the water for coliform, arsenic, and other harmful bacteria and chemicals. Additionally, the well inspector will ensure the well / pump are producing enough water and that all seals and vents are properly maintained.

Foundation Issues

Some foundation issues may be evident to a traditional inspector by observing cracks in the concrete block along the exterior of a home, dips in interior flooring or other cracks and lines along the ceilings of the home. But how bad is the problem? If some of these issues are observed it often recommended to hire a structural engineering company. They will test soil samples and determine the best course of action for any potential settling, shifting, or sinkhole activity.

There are many home inspection companies to choose from across the Daytona Beach & Port Orange area. While we never select the actual inspector for our customers, we are able to provide suggestions for inspectors in the area based on our many successful sales and customer feedback. Please call Kevin Kling at (386) 527-8577 to discuss the buying or selling process and let us go to work for you to make your transaction as smooth as possible.



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