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Golden Corral Port Orange

New Port Orange Golden Corral will bring new jobs, new tastes, and an endless buffet to Port Orange, Florida.



Golden Corral will be opening on October 22, 2012 at 10:45am. A press release was just made available regarding the new Golden Corral location in Port Orange just off Dunlawton and close to Interstate 95.

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill proudly announces the opening of its newest restaurant, located at 907 Taylor Road in Port Orange, FL, on Monday, October 22, 2012, at 10:45 a.m. The new Port Orange Golden Corral will bring 120 new jobs to the community, which will include a mix of full-time and part time employees—including management, wait staff, line servers, and kitchen staff. The new restaurant is approximately 12,500 square feet in size and will seat 380 guests.

Along with home-style buffet favorites such as pot roast, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables, the new Port Orange Golden Corral will showcase exhibition food preparation featuring cooked-to-order Sirloin steaks on the dinner buffet. It will also offer a variety of Asian dishes that are served on its Wok buffet, Italian dishes that are served on its Piazza buffet, Mexican dishes that are served on its Hacienda buffet, and seafood dishes that are served on its Lighthouse Seafood Bay buffet. In addition to the hot buffet items, the restaurant will feature a market-fresh salad bar, where guests may build their own salads from dozens of ingredients. Rounding out the buffet offering, a variety of cakes, pies, and homemade breads—including melt-in-your-mouth yeast rolls—will be baked fresh in-house and served on the Bakery Buffet and Bread Bar. The new Port Orange Golden Corral will also showcase a premiere dessert buffet, including a chocolate fountain (that flows all day, every day), freshly-spun cotton candy, and hand-dipped ice cream.

Besides its lunch and dinner buffets (which will feature more than 125 hot and cold food items), the new Port Orange Golden Corral will serve a Weekend Sunrise Breakfast with Steak Buffet from 7:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. each Saturday and Sunday. The Weekend Sunrise Breakfast with Steak Buffet will feature hand-carved Sirloin steak, made-from-scratch omelets, along with waking-up favorites such as scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, French toast, fresh fruit, a variety of juices, donuts, and homemade biscuits.

Hours of operation for the new Port Orange Golden Corral will be:

  • Monday – Friday, 10:45 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday, 7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Lunch will be served Monday – Friday from 10:45 a.m. – 4 p.m. and from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday. Dinner will be served Monday – Saturday from 4 p.m. – close, and from 11 a.m. – close on Sunday.

As a complement to its every day family dining offering, the restaurant also has banquet facilities that will be available free of charge for groups and organizations in the area that choose to dine at Golden Corral.

And… Seniors who are ages 60 and over can enjoy Golden Corral’s Senior Early Bird Buffet—and a free beverage of their choice!—every Monday – Saturday from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. for only $6.99. Additional Senior discounts apply for other meal periods.

The new Port Orange Golden Corral is owned by local entrepreneur Eric Holm. It will be managed by Operations Director Jeff Cheatham, District Manager Maurice Booker, and General Manager Ryan Reynolds. Of the restaurant’s new opening, Holm says: “We are happy to bring the Golden Corral brand to Port Orange and we look forward to treating our friends and neighbors to a wide variety of top quality, home-style foods. So, for a great, family-friendly meal at a budget-friendly price, we invite you to stop by and to experience your new Port Orange Golden Corral today. We’ll treat you like family… guaranteed.”

About Golden Corral: Founded in 1973, privately held Golden Corral Corp. is headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. Theodore M. Fowler Jr. serves as its president and chief executive officer. Golden Corral currently has 484 restaurants in 40 states. The company’s vision is to be the leader in the family restaurant segment by making pleasurable dining affordable for every guest, at every restaurant, every day. Golden Corral restaurants nationwide have long been strong supporters of the U.S. Military and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Golden Corral helped raise more than $1 million for the DAV in 2011 as part of its annual “Military Appreciation Monday" initiative. For more information on Golden Corral, visit

9-24-2012 Soft opening planned for Golden Corral in Port Orange for mid October. No specific dates available at this time.

8-13-2012 Update: Now accepting applications online. Visit the Golden Corral career opportunities page here.

Golden Corral will be opening a restaurant in Port Orange in October 2012. Golden Corral is known for real homemade food, variety, friendly atmosphere, and great value. The buffet is huge and features steak, pork, chicken, shrimp, and many selections are made from scratch.

Look for Golden Corral to be built in Port Orange, Florida, next to the CVS at the corner of Taylor Rd & Dunlawton.


#1 By Tammy at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

When and where??? We Love Golden Corral :-)

#2 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Golden Corral will be located in the Altimara Shopping Village in Port Orange on Dunlawton between Taylor Rd and Yorktowne.

#3 By Sabrina at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

We love Golden Corral and hate having to drive so far (to Palm Coast) to eat there. Right now we only go about once every couple of months or for special occasions because of that. Is there any news as to a date of completion or Grand opening date? Thanks!

#4 By jan bolton at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

We are so looking forward to Golden Corral opening in Port Orange , is there a opening date yet? Please let us know .. thanks

#5 By Kevin at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

No dates yet. I estimate late 2012 to early 2013. i will post an update when more information is available.

#6 By Tracie at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Any update, been looking forward to.this for almost a year.

#7 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Yes, plumbing is in the ground. You will see walls going up soon. It's located right next to the CVS.

#8 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Golden Corral representatives say the estimated opening date is mid to late September 2012.

#9 By jan Bolton at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

We are getting excited, hopeful it will be sooner then sept!!!

#10 By gina at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Do you happen to have a link or any info on where one could apply now for the new Port Orange store? Thanks in advance for any help and leads you can offer-as a longtime Port Orange resident I am pleased to see so many quality business's coming to our community which equates to jobs!

#11 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

i have included a link to the job postings online that are currently available.

i will update this post when i receive more info about the Golden Corral Port Orange location accepting applications.

#12 By david grier at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Most exciting news. Everyone is waiting. Hope you hire enough attendants for cash registers.

#13 By Tracie Andrews at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

So excited! Opening up just in time for my wedding, so the whole family can enjoy without having to drive super far. >.<

#14 By Johnny Walker at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

It's opening mid-August. There was an article in the News-Journal a couple months ago.

#15 By david grier at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Rode by yesterday. Golden corral is coming along real good. This is going to be the best real estate to the port orange. Daytona beach. Ormond beach area in a long time. No doubt it will be very successful

#16 By paul hayes at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

where are the applications?

#17 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Golden Corral now accepting applications. Go to:


#18 By Sharon at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

I drive by the new location everyday on my way to work . Is comming along . And I will one of the first in line when it opens. Good food and fair prices . So excited

#19 By vivian yanez at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

do you have a grand opening date yet ,would love to eat there first day

#20 By Judith Buckley at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Can't wait for Golden Corral to open in Port Orange. Want to be there the first day it opens.

#21 By Emily Niethammer at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Just plain can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

#22 By Donna at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Is there an opening before the grand opening?

#23 By Matt at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Come on Donna.. just think about that

#24 By Debbie at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Opening Sept. 2012. What is the date?

#25 By Tia at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Can I buy tickets online?

#26 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Golden Corral in Port Orange is planning a soft opening in mid October. No specific dates available at this time.

#27 By Sharon at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Is the Port Orange Golden Corral open?

#28 By Breauna at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

How do we fill out an application to work there? I see that you guys have a "now hiring" sign up

#29 By Yoqenna Brown at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Hello, Is there going to be a preview day before opening? I heard of some restaurants have a day to let people sample to promote the business. Just asking...

#30 By Jim McGinnis at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

I am with the local Goldwing Road Riders Association and we want to use your new restaurant for our officers meeting. Please let me know when the opening day will be.

#31 By Jenny Gilmour at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

If you are wanting to get a job at the location in port orange is filling out an application online enough? Or do you need to fill one out in person? Please let me know I would love the opportunity to get to work there. My family and I have been waiting for a Golden Corral to come to Port Orange for so long and we are all very excited its finally here.

#32 By gloria miller at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Will you have a private room for parties? Can't wait for it to open.

#33 By Darrell Martin at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Hello Everyone!

So Kevin this is Monday, October 15, 2012, I have read all of the entries here reflecting a lot of enthusiasm from a great deal of people in and around Port Orange, Florida. With this said, do you have an idea as to when your doors might open to the public, (We're Hungry!) We can see that the building appears to be finished, the parking lot paved, and even the food trucks have made deliveries so, any idea?

Congratulations on your new store there Kevin Kling, and good luck going forward, I am quite sure you and your staff will do just fine minus the regular headaches of everyday responsibilities.

#34 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Golden Corral will be opening this week. I hope to have the specific date very soon.


FYI - This is an independent real estate blog that has been posted to keep local Golden Corral fans updated with the progress of the new Port Orange location.

#35 By Kevin Kling at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Take out your calendars and mark October 22, 2012 at 10:45am as the opening date for Golden Corral in Port Orange.

#36 By Debbie at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

My family and I will be there! Thank Kevin!

#37 By Darrell Martin at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM


Thank you for replying back, to my email questions, and for your information as it pertains to the opening of Golden Corral. I too read where Golden corral has announced to the public that they will open their doors on Monday, October 22, 2012 @ 10:45 AM. Thanks again Kevin, I certainly appreciate your service to the public.

#38 By tammy at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

We Have Been LOOKING FORWARD To This Opening FOR A LONG TIME :-) We Have A Few Holidays Planned To CELEBRATE At The Port Orange Location !! And OF Course OPENING DAY :-)

#39 By Mary Jane Trauffer at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Love Golden Corral...Inquired about Corral 2yrs ago, asking to have one built near New Smyrna Beach, Fl. I was thinking Daytona Beach. This is better, at Port Orange. Be going there Sunday.

#40 By vivian at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

thank you for all the info and updates

#41 By james at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

how much does it costs

#42 By Beege at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Just came back from girls lunch out. Great variety of food but found some vegs that should have been hot were cold. Cabbage was way under cooked. All in all it was a good time. The staff ruched round filling everything up just before it things were gone. Very nice waitresses.

#43 By De De at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

went for breakfast last Sunday, what a TREAT!! Everyone was nice, food was the best, even the managers were working. The food was fresh at all times, I can't say enough about it. Clean, I just wish we had one in Ormond. Can't wait to go back!

#44 By Linda Poynter at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

We just ate at the new Golden Corral in Port Orange. It was the Veterans Day Appreciation dinner. I was amazed at how well they took care of the huge amount of people that they served. The did a wonderful job of moving everyone through in a pleasant and efficient way. The food was excellent.

#45 By Lynn at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Love the new GC in Port Orange, FL..1 tip is to leave a note on your table when you go for more food or you may have to kick new ppl off your table when you return. Those arriving who just see an empty table & assume it's available. The note should say.this seat taken. This should be at all tables anyhow.

#46 By Kerry at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

Had the same experience as others mentioned, when we went to the buffet our table was cleared and new ppl were seated. They were busy but their only response was we will try and find you another table...LOL. We set our plates down and walked out. I sent an email expressing our concern but no one had the courtesy to even respond!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED in their PR skills, we have not been back since then.

#47 By Marie at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

We love it here! had a wonderful young woman Fawn as our server, she was delightful! The food was delicious, lots of options, something for everyone! We cant wait to go back!

#48 By Lynn Comstock at 6/27/2020 6:07 AM

I commented about leaving SEAT TAKEN at your table when you go the buffett or others might take it. Duff's Buffett in South Daytona has these at their tables so new ppl coming in won't take your seat. I love Golden Coral. Have been there several times. Most servers are very busy. They are all very nice. One morning for breakfast I was on my 2nd plate, No server. I went to the salad bar to ask for coffee.They were upset that patrons had to ask them for coffee because the server wasn't on the ball. Another server took care of me. Fawn was supposed to take care of me & eventually did. She hung around chatting & neglected other patrons. NOT A GOOD SERVER IMO. Other than that I always have a good experience.

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