Energy Efficient Port Orange ICI Homes

Posted by Kevin Kling on Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 at 4:29pm.

Making your Port Orange home energy efficient can save you money and also save the local environment. I have listed 8 simple steps that you can take to make your Port Orange home more energy efficient.

  1. Check your toilets for leaks
  2. Fix any leaking faucets in the house
  3. Reduce your shower time and bathing frequencies
  4. Reduce the amounts of time you use permanent press on your washing machine
  5. Use cold water to wash your clothes
  6. Make sure your weatherstrips around your doors are operating correctly and do not have any cracks
  7. Don't overuse the heat or a/c depending on the season
  8. Protect your water heater with insulation to reduce heat loss

As you can see, small steps can be taken to reduce your impact on the Port Orange environment and also reduce your monthly costs.

ICI Homes in Port Orange has introduced a new line of homes called the EFACTOR home in Waters Edge. An EFACTOR home is an energy efficient house. These new Port Orange homes will allow your family to protect the local environment, live healthier lives, and you will even save money on a monthly basis.  For more information about ICI EFACTOR homes, Contact Kevin Kling.

Source: Marshall Loeb From MarketWatch

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