Port Orange Mortgage Update By Ron Wysocarski

Posted by Kevin Kling on Thursday, February 14th, 2008 at 9:57am.

Looking for a Sweetheart Of A Deal? You probably have several to choose from in Todays market. Rates continue be low, and Port Orange homes continue to sell for less than in previous housing market boom years. Many of my clients have contacted me in the last few weeks for a home finance check up. Tax season is a great time to get up to speed on finance options currently available, as well as discuss the numerous changes that have occurred in the last 6 months. Many have found that the programs they wanted to use are no longer available, and that there are few programs available that do not require full documentation. It is safe to say that these meetings have helped my clients walk into their negotiations with the proper expectations for rate, payment, availability of loan program, and ease of loan approval. For those that are looking to refinance, they are now able to have their loan ready to submit, while waiting for their strike price on the rate that they desire.

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