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Retiring To Florida? Why Wait?

At retirement age, many people dream of moving to warmer climates like Florida. Although it's never too late to relocate here, relocating early could provide many advantages over waiting until later in life. I receive calls weekly from customers considering the big move, and some suffer from paralysis analysis, and continue their search for years and years, not realizing that they are missing out on the best years of their retirement. See a few reasons below why you should consider the move sooner, than later.

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Engaging the Sunshine State Longer

By moving to Florida early retirement, you will have more time to appreciate its many attractions - from beaches to vibrant cultural events - Florida has something special for everyone. Beginning your retirement there gives you more opportunity to experience its attractions and create lasting memories.

Building Community

Relocating to Florida early retirement can be a challenging transition, yet early relocation gives you more time to establish friendships that could provide support as you age. By creating this support network you may experience more comfort from them as time goes on.

Saving Money on Taxes

Florida is one of the most tax-friendly states for retirees, offering no income, estate and inheritance taxes. By making Florida your destination early retirement can allow more time to take advantage of these advantages and potentially save significant amounts over time.

Healthcare Options

Florida Provides Access to Quality Healthcare Florida is home to some of the finest hospitals and medical facilities, many of which offer services specifically targeted towards retirees. By moving early into retirement to Florida, you'll have more time to establish relationships with healthcare providers while taking advantage of its outstanding healthcare offerings.

Better Weather Possible?

Florida provides ample opportunity for active living after retirement, from its warm weather and abundance of outdoor activities such as golfing and boating to fishing and diving, providing ample chances to keep active and engaged with life. By moving there early in retirement you'll have more time to take advantage of all these activities - and ultimately improve both health and well-being in general.

Stop Waiting!

It's never too late to relocate to Florida and early retirement can bring numerous advantages. From enjoying its attractions to making friends quickly and saving on taxes, early retirement in Florida offers many advantages to those seeking change. I always remind my customers that you will enjoy walks on the beach, the weather, and golf more today that you will tomorrow. We are not getting any younger. I’m available to chat if you would like to discuss your future move to Florida.

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