Roller Coaster At Daytona Lagoon

Posted by Kevin Kling on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 1:49pm.

Are you ready for roller coaster fun in Daytona Beach? The project, initially announced last year, calls for a Pinfari Zyklon-Z64 roller coaster, formerly known as Blue Diamond Streak, to be built near Daytona Lagoon. The coaster has been held up by permit issues, with the Department of Environmental Protection concerned over how the coaster’s lighting effects the active sea turtle population in our area. With the necessary lighting improvements made and some site issues taken care of, it appears the roller coaster will find its 5th home here in Daytona Beach. The coaster is expected to be up and operational by July 2013. This is just another exciting attraction that Daytona Beach will see in the near future, being joined by a massive oceanfront condo complex as well as a Daytona Beach Hard Rock Hotel. Check back with us for updates on all of these exciting projects, but in the meantime, what other restaurants or attractions would you like to see come to our Daytona Beach coastline?

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